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    If you are looking for a very rewarding intellectual challenge, learning how to speak Russian is an excellent choice. The Russian language is by far the most prominent and widely used of the Slavic languages, and it is also one of the most popular and influential languages used around the world. This is a language that can certainly help you socially and professionally, especially if you plan to visit or work within the global market.

    Today, approximately between 160 and 180 million people speak Russian, making it one of the most popularly spoken languages in the world. Of course, majority of these speakers live in Russia, but the Russian language is being taught in an increasing number of schools worldwide. Russian is part of the East branch of the Slavic languages, along with Ukrainian. There are so many similarities between the Slavic languages that by learning Russian, you can easily learn how to understand many of these related languages when they are spoken. However, the Russian alphabet is a Cyrillic alphabet, while many other Slavic languages use a Latin alphabet. The Cyrillic alphabet is based largely on the Greek alphabet, but has many letters borrowed from Hebrew.

    The Russian vocabulary can be quite tricky for native English speakers to master. This is largely because many of the vocabulary words will be very similar to English words, but have completely different definitions or pronunciations. There are, however, many Russian words that have been incorporated into the English language, such as “vodka” and “tundra”, which have the same meaning in each language.

    The grammar of the Russian language is what makes it so difficult for foreign speakers to learn how to speak Russian. When speaking Russian, you must pay close attention to inflection and the stress of syllables in order to portray the proper meaning. This is made even more difficult because the stress to be placed on the words does not follow a strict set of rules. Russian verbs use prefixes to indicate if they are perfective or imperfective, meaning the verb is either showing perpetual action or completed action. This concept does not exist in English and can be difficult to master.

    The Russian language can be very difficult for foreign speakers to learn because of its punctuation, foreign alphabet, and strange grammar. However, like with many other languages, it can be learned through regular practice and helpful resources. The best way to learn Russian is to find a program that you enjoy and complete at your own pace.

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