1. Skype Tuition - how does it work?

    Catherine Clarke Article Author

    A short introduction to the advantages of online tuition and what to expect when you choose a Skype tutor.

    Article by , May 29, 2017

    History of the saxophone

    mattman Article Author

    Find out more about the inventor of the saxophone Adolphe Saxophone. Born 1814. “If you like an instrument that sings, play the saxophone. At its best, it’s like the human voice” Stan Getz Popular songs such as Baker Street, Careless Whisper and Take Five spring to mind when people think of the saxophone. Its distinctive curved shape and incredible seductive tone make the saxophone a desirable instrument to play and listen to.

    Article by , Jan 1, 2017

    Supporting English at Home

    Simon Houldsworth Article Author

    Reading at home is one of the best ways to improve a child's progress in English. This article discusses some ways that you can make reading even more beneficial.

    Article by , Jan 1, 2017

    Dedicated Tutors Teach with Innovative Learning Plans

    My Aussie Tutor Article Author

    Experienced and dedicated home tutors is a need of parents and students to get better tutoring at home in order to prepare for examinations.

    Article by , Jan 1, 2017

    About Russian language

    JuliaRus Article Author

    The Russian language can be very difficult for foreign speakers to learn because of its punctuation, foreign alphabet, and strange grammar. However, like with many other languages, it can be learned through regular practice and helpful resources. The best way to learn Russian is to find a program that you enjoy and complete at your own pace.

    Article by , Jan 1, 2017

    online one-on-one tutoring

    impel tutor Article Author

    Online One-on-One Tutoring Online Homework Help Academic Homework Help Online Assignment Help Academic Assignment Help Online Academic Project Help Academic Project Implementation Best Online Tutoring SAT Course Online Preparation SAT Online Tutors SAT Subject Tests Preparation IELTS Training Institute IELTS Online Tutors TOEFL Preparation Online GRE Online Preparation ACT Online Preparation SSAT Online Institute Online University Maths Tutors Computer Science Academic Tutors

    Article by , Jan 1, 2017

    GCSE & A Level Art Exam Results!

    sonny1 Article Author

    A* Art Grades - Amazing results for 2016 and the successful actions in making great artworks and achieving high grades.

    Article by , Jan 1, 2017

    Skydiving Climbing Mt Everest and more

    Robert Bradley Article Author

    Find out how this extreme Maths tutor inspires his students with storys of his travels and adventures.

    Article by , Jan 3, 2015

    The LingaAcceletate ™ methodology

    Aaron Neame Article Author

    The LinguaAccelerate™ methodology is born out of a tutee-centred, communicative language approach. The methodology has as its primary goal the development of knowledge and skills through collaborative tasks and active learning. Emphasising inductive techniques, tutors promote interaction with the subject matter to draw conclusions that tutees make their own.

    Article by , Nov 17, 2014

    How to Write Good Essays in Religious Studies

    Michael Ball Article Author

    This is an article on how to prepare and perform well in religious studies. It gives guidance on how to get in revision routine, how to revise efficiently, what to do the night before an exam and what to do when you are in the exam.

    Article by , Aug 5, 2014

    Why Choose a Mobile Tutor Chesterfield for Your Child’s English Education

    Janie's Mobile School Article Author

    Why choose a mobile private tuition service for your child's English lessons. Janie's Mobile School is a professional and friendly tuition service that cares about your child's education.

    Article by , Jul 16, 2014

    Making Classroon Latin Fun

    Michael Flynn Article Author

    This is less of an article and more of an example of the techniques I employ to make Latin fun in the classrom.

    Article by , Mar 31, 2014

    MFL approch to Latin at primary level

    Michael Flynn Article Author

    Why the Modern Foriegn Language approach to Latin at primary level is more effective than the reading approach.

    Article by , Mar 29, 2014

    Recording Performances for Self-Reflection

    Charlie Brown Article Author

    Understanding the importance of recording performances for self-reflection. Some useful tips I wish I took more seriously when I was studying

    Article by , Dec 11, 2013

    Deciding what to add to your percussion setup

    Charlie Brown Article Author

    Exploring a range of different percussion from LP and deciding what percussion setup is right for us. I also look at the SPDSX as well as some of the Toca Djembes.

    Article by , Dec 11, 2013

    The problem with Youtube video tutorials

    Charlie Brown Article Author

    Why Youtube videos aren't always beneficial to your practise routine and why it is important to find a good teacher

    Article by , Dec 11, 2013

    Tips on Writing Physics Notes

    MMu1411 Article Author

    Now that public exams are moving from the end - of - term to end - of - course it is becoming more important to write up a set of notes for each topic. In this article I tell you of the strategy for writing notes that I have used successfully.

    Article by , Nov 6, 2013

    Reading Physics

    MMu1411 Article Author

    Advice on "reading around" the subject. Advice on how to do a "library search". A selection of good Physics authors.

    Article by , Nov 5, 2013

    Improving Attitude to Learning in Mathematics

    BestGuidance Article Author

    Some tips to help you make the most of your learning. There is no hurdle that is impossible to overcome. With the right attitude to learning and effective approach to a structured revision, you will succeed. Use the principles to help you in other subject areas.

    Article by , Jul 28, 2013

    Making A Success of Your Learning at Advanced Levels

    BestGuidance Article Author

    Continuing to make progress in your Learning , depends greatly on your 'frame of mind' and 'attitude to learning'. Always using any previous successes, or otherwise, as stepping stones to achieving higher goals, is key.

    Article by , Jul 28, 2013

    The reasons some students hate mathematics

    alinafe Article Author

    The fear about mathematics is unfounded. Maths is a language therefore it must be taught as such to help students understand them

    Article by , Jul 20, 2013

    How to choose revision guides and workbooks?

    Gopala Article Author

    Have you given much thought on how you look for a good revision guide and workbook. This article will give some tips and ideas. Contact me if you need more help.

    Article by , Jul 13, 2013

    Reasons to learn a foreign language

    DorotheeMonique Article Author

    This is an article about different reasons why languages are valuable in our modern world. I mention the importance of learning a language in the early age.

    Article by , Jul 10, 2013

    Exam skills for A level/IB/GCSE Geography

    DavePoops Article Author

    Exam Techniques, especially for GCSE, AS, A2 IB Geography, GCSE Maths & English Language and how to do well in exams

    Article by , Jul 9, 2013

    What Makes this Job Worthwhile

    PeterBrad Article Author

    Read about some of the very positive experiences I have had with private tuition. Find out why you should take the plunge!

    Article by , Jul 9, 2013
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