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    One of the most important part of your revision programme is to equip yourself with a good revision guide and workbook. Revision guides are very necessary tools for revision. Yes I know, you can find things on the internet but you need something that you can refer to anytime. The revision guide and workbook will be your basic resource. The internet and other resources will be supporting this main resource.

    Here are some tips on how to choose revision guides and workbooks especially for Maths and Science.

    1. First and for most, find out from your subject teacher the exam board and the type of exam paper you will be taking. Note down the subject code as each exam board offers more than one type of exam paper for each subject e.g. modular, linear etc.
    2. Visit the exam board website and look for the specifications of the exam paper you will be taking. You may need to browse the website for a sometime in order to find the specifications and the past papers. They are sometime not very obvious.
    3. Look for the revision guide/workbook that fits your exam board and exam paper.
    4. Normally there will be more than one publisher. Browse through the revision guide/workbook to see it actually covers the topics as prescribed in your exam boards subject specifications.
    5. A good revision guide will also include sample exam questions/papers. some will include sample answers so you get a good idea what is required in the answer.
    6. Look for diagrams, mind-maps or spider diagrams in each topic that gives you an overview of the topic. Also look for tips and other information related to the subject and exam.
    7. Are there any answers provided as this will help you to mark you answers yourself and help you identify topics you are having difficulty with.
    8. Finally, is there any online support or any other extra help including CDs or website that you can access.

    The list above is by no means exhaustive. There are some subject specific consideration to be taken into account when choosing a revision guide or workbook. However the list above is a good general guide for choosing revision guides and workbook. Hope you find the list above useful and help you choose the right revision guide or workbook.

    Please feel free to contact me if you need help with choosing revision guides for GCSE Maths or Science. I am more than happy to help.

    Best wishes

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