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    I am registered on several websites so people can compare tutors prices, age, nationality, and experience of the tutors as well as reading the feedback of other students, which is the best advertising possible.

    Since I started teaching through Skype, my clients have enjoyed how convenient this is, because they can fit their lessons in their very busy schedule. Plus we can easily send each other homework and resources. One of my clients found it so convenient, she managed to fit three lessons per week. And there is no payment problem, the client can either choose to pay through pay pal or by bank transfer.

    Now I can reach people all over the world. And we mustn't forget that people are always awake somewhere in the world. That's where Skype is so convenient.

    I have taught a lady from Washington DC for the last two years, it was 9 am for thr when it was 2 pm for me and I even met her when she came to London and she invited me to lunch. I also had clients from Ireland, Vancouver, and little towns 15 miles away from my house, even one 4 miles away from my house who was stuck at home because of the snow. You can fill a planner so that students know when you are free and if you fancy teaching for a couple of hours at the weekend, late one evening, for someone around the world it may be morning. Isn't it amazing how handy this is. My life is so much better since I started teaching through Skype, maybe one day I will teach from a beach in Hawai, well one can dream. Anyway it's great. I would be happy to share experiences with others. Keep in touch.
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