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    I have done many things in my life, including working for a major International company, running my own business, assessing companies to quality standards and training adults to use various financial and information systems. In terms of satisfaction, private tuition beats them all.

    Here are a few cases in point (names omitted):-

    Student A, a male A level student who needed to get a grade C to go to his chosen University to study Graphic Design and Digital Media. He was failing at school and desperately worried that with only a couple of months to go before the exams, he was going to fail to get a C and so miss his chance to get on to his course. When he received his results, he wrote me a letter (not a common thing for a teenager to do!) to say that he will always remember me, and the help I gave him. He had got his grade and been accepted onto the course. Magic!

    Student B, a female A level student who was the only one in the class who had got a B at GCSE; all the others had got A’s and A*’s. As if that wasn’t enough, her teacher clearly had a problem with her, at one point apparently holding aloft a piece of her work and ridiculing it in front of the rest of the class. After three lessons, she told me that one or two of her friends were starting to ask for her help with the problems we had worked on. Ultimately she got an A grade, much to my delight (I love beating other people’s predictions of my students’ grades!). She gave me a small gift and a card which read “Thank you for believing in me”. Wow!

    Student C, a male GCSE student who was on the brink of failing at school. My first encounter with him was an eye opener; He came into the dining room as instructed by his mother and slouched in the chair, arms folded, averting his gaze, with no books, paper or pens. It took a while to find the key to unlock his potential, but after about six months tuition he finally was ready for the exam, but because he was on the foundation level, the maximum grade he could get was a C. When his Mum phoned to give me the result, a C, she said he had grown by an inch since receiving them. They were both as thrilled as I was, and so happy that he was able to go on to college to study IT. Great!

    Student D, a female trying to achieve QTS. She told me when I first met her that she was scared of numbers. I thought this was strange, but she explained the background, involving some bad experiences at primary level. We spend about ten hours together and she attempted the two-stage test, narrowly missing a pass. After three more lessons she was ready for another attempt. As soon as she got the results I got a text saying she had passed and how happy she was that she could carry on and achieve full QTS. She added that she was feeling a lot more confident in general about numbers and was certainly not scared of them any more (well, not too much anyway!) Fantastic!

    These are just a few of the large number of stories I could tell. If you are in any doubt about whether private tuition can work for you, I say don’t hesitate. You could be the subject of the next story!
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