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Discussion in 'General Tutors Chat' started by cadet1107, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. cadet1107 New Member

    Hi. Im a new tutor, and have my first session next week, tutoring a 7 year old maths. What would you do in a first session? Would you test to see what their maths is like, or go straight into teachin? Apart from the NC how do you know what to concentrate on?
    Really looking forward to it, but so worried too!!!
  2. puneetagarwal Local Tutor - Private Tutor

    In the first session, try to understand what your student wants to achieve. In some instances I do not charge my students who want to come and meet me to decide if they can continue or not.
    If the student wants to start the studies straight away ask him/ her what topic they want to do first and then you can start with their text book, as they shall be referring their text book while they are at home.

  3. ginastokes Local Tutor - Private Tutor

    I would test their abilities and ask their parents to supply a learning sheet. It should include everything the student will be looking at through school that year with a list of their exam dates etc. Parents can easily acquire this from the school reception or teacher. This enables you to plan in advance what the student needs to be concentrating on.

    Also asking for their text books after lessons is a good way to see what they are being marked down on :)
  4. JuliaC Local Tutor - Private Tutor

    I would not go straight into testing or teaching on the first session, expecially for a young child. I offer a free first session so that I can keep it informal, have a general chat to get to know the child and what they are capable of. It is then easier to organise a scheme of work concentrating on what they need and the types of activities that would be good for them.
  5. puneetagarwal Local Tutor - Private Tutor

    The first tutoring lesson needs to impose some confidence into the tutee that the tutor would be able to successfully meet the requirements of the tutee. A brief overview of the requirements of the tutee should be taken. If the tutee is very young, parent of the tutee may be consulted.

    On the other hand, it should be respected that every minute spent with the tutee is costing him / her & hence, tutor should as soon as possible initiate the first lesson to start imparting the subject matter.
  6. burge124 Local Tutor - Private Tutor

    Always try and keep the first lesson simple, both you and the tutee are nervous.

    i have some well prepared material that i use just covering the basics of Maths and i know they work regardless of level etc.. its a good starting point.

    then i leave behind a past paper and mark it on the next occasion
  7. dianahogeto Local Tutor - Private Tutor

    How did u get the job?because am in need of a job?please help:
  8. CatalystTuition Local Tutor - Private Tutor

    Don't think you'll get reply because that post was two years ago :p
    To answer your question: you've got to be motivated to let people find you!

    Back on topic: The first lesson is usually a test session for both. That means while I judge what level the student is and what he needs, the student judges whether your style of teaching and ability to answer his questions are suitable. In a way, it's to test whether there's chemistry or spark between the two :cool:

    I think leaving a past paper immediately is very daunting for a student, so I tend not to do that unless upon request.
  9. burge124 Local Tutor - Private Tutor

    The purpose of a past paper is to have a general indication of a pupils ability.

    To reduce pressure on a pupil I ask them not to stress over any question and to simply leave a '?' if they are unsure and ask them to move on. Ive found this a good method, pupils gain confidence by answering questions they know whilst Im directed instantly to their weaknesses.


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