Aberdeen English Maths Music Tutor

I am willing to work at your childs pace, I am an excellent one-to-one tutor, and will put in whatever work is necessary to ensure your childs success.

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      I am a secondary school leaver raising money both for university and a gap year volunteering in a developing country. was made Dux of my school at the end of this past academic year; during my six years at school I have taken 3 Highers above and beyond the usual requirements.
      I would look to complement and back up class teaching in subjects taken in S1-S4 (plus Highers in English, Maths and Music, and Advanced Highers in Music). Generally this would involve finding out what the child in question felt uncomfortable or unsure with, and putting in extra work to soldify their knowledge.
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      Currently available any time, any day. Rates: £10 p.h.
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      English Maths Music
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