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I have five years lecturing and tuition experience with students at all leves. Most of my students make a remarkable progress after 5-10 tuition sessions.

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      I am 41 years old and have a vast experience in applied physics and mathematics.
      Since 2000 Im working at Aberdeen University where my main duties are research and teaching.
      From my personal experience and others, understanding physics means understanding concepts and work with these concepts on practical examples. However, repetition is a good practice to learn exact sciences, including physics. The best way to do it is by problem solving and this is what Im doing with my students. I provide my students with specific tactics for solving particular types of problems but I always use the classical rule: the ISEE approach (Identify, Set Up, Execute, and Evaluate).
      When I start with new students I always follow if:
      - the students are comfortable with basic mathematical concepts; if not Im doing a plan to correct this.
      - what activity creates most trouble to the student and spend more time on it.
      -student has confidence; if not Im working on it by solving simple problems.
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      Evenings between 17:30-20
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