Aberdeenshire or Angus Geography Tutor

I am willing to travel (50miles of Arbroath) or can tutor from my home. I have a large and varied resource base including geographical skills, past papers, textbooks, exam technique and study guideb

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      I teach Geography in a senior school, from ages 11-18 (S1 and S2, Standard Grade, Intermediate 1 and 2, Higher and Advanced Higher). I also have experience of teaching GCSE and Higher (Edexcel and QCA). I am a young teacher and have been teaching now for 3 years. My teaching methods are up to date, using a variety of styles and resources. I have my own set of resources and textbooks, as well as stationary and other equipment needed to teach geography. I can also tutor Physical Education theory, as I am a qualified fitness instructor and have a degree in both Geography and Sports Science.
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      Evenings Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (all after 5.30pm) or weekends (any time).
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