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I tutor biology and chemistry up to and including A-level and maths up to and including GCSE. GCSE: £10. A-level: £15.

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      My name is Sophie Wenborn and I am in my second year at the University of Bath, studying Natural Sciences. This involves organic chemistry, biology, pharmacology and maths. I attained 7A*s and 3As at GCSE (A*A* for dual award science) and 4As at A-level in biology, chemistry, maths and general studies.
      I am an experienced tutor and have done volunteer work in a local school. I offer tuition in biology and chemistry at any level up to A-level and maths tuition up to GCSE. I can also offer online tuition.

      Up to and including GCSE - £10
      AS and A-level - £15
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      Available certain times during the day, most nights, and the weekend.
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      Biology chemistry maths
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