Bath Maths and Physics Tutor

Young MEng graduate in Aerospace Engineering able to tutor students who require flexible 1 to 1 tuition or revision guidance to suit their needs. MATHS and PHYSICS up to GCSE. Home visits

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      My name is Edward Benson, I am 24 and have recently graduated from Bath University with a 2:1 Masters in Aerospace Engineering. I am now keen to help Students of Maths and Physics overcome any difficulties that they might be having with learning or revision. I have obtained two A's in these subjects at A Level and can help with any problems up to GCSE. I also have AS levels in Chemistry and Biology and can help in these subjects up to GSCE standard. I am very flexible with regards to time and I understand the needs of the student, since I have just spent 18 years in Education. Feel free to contact me with any questions or queries. My CV is also posted for further details and qualifications under attachments.
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    1. Availability

      Very Flexible. Evenings, days, weekends and weekdays. Home visits welcome. 07766823324 or 01225339858
    1. Subjects Taught

      Maths and physics
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