Bradford on Avon Wiltshire Science and Geography Tutor

I m in my second year of a levels studying Biology, Chemistry and Geography. I m willing to teach GCSE Geography and Biology, and younger years all round science, for £10 hour.

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      I m a student currently studying my second year of a levels. I m studying Biology, Chemistry, and Geography. I am willing to teach GCSE years Biology and Geography, and younger years all-round science!
      In my geography AS I received an A grade, and Biology B.
      I live in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, and due to the fact I can t drive, if people travel to me, I can teach for £10 an hour! I offer constructive teaching and even home work if wanted! I have experience working with children - I m a gymnastics coach, and also used to teach horse riding! For any more info - please email me!
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      Every evening apart from Thursdays, and Saturdays!
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