Brighton & Hove Philosophy, Ethics & Religious Studies Tutor

I have worked with students with a broad range of abilities, from those that need some extra help to reach their full potential, to those that aren’t in mainstream schooling and as such don’t have any

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      I completed a degree in Philosophy in 2008, modules covered include Philosophy of Religion, Political Philosophy, Ethics and Morality to name a few. I have experience from teaching several age ranges from 11 - 35. I also have experience of teaching people with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and tailor my teaching style for each individual. I have been CRB checked and have references available on request.

      The potential of tutoring can only be maximised if each student feels comfortable in lessons, so I actively try to cultivate a good working relationship with each student. After all, if I were not enthusiastic and passionate about the subject it would be impossible to motivate any students to be enthusiastic about it! So far all my students have improved their performance by at least by two grade boundaries following tuition with me.
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      I am available at various times
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