Bristol Polish and English Language Tutor

If you are looking for an experienced and qualified Polish/English private language tutor, here I am. Nice atmosphere, reasonable pace and a affordable price!

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      2006 - present

      - 7 years of providing private tuition in Polish
      - prepared students to Polish GCSE
      - taught Polish at: Bristol University Language Centre (groups) and Berlitz Language School in Bristol

      2001 - present

      - 12 years of providing private English language tuition
      - experience in teaching English to students across different age and advancement levels,
      - variety of methods and techniques of teaching and interesting resources
      - preparation towards different examinations in English as a foreign language (IELTS, FCE, ACE, TELC)
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    1. Availability

      - evenings 5.30 - 9pm
      - Thursday-Sunday (all day)
    1. Subjects Taught

      Polish and English
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