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Qualified Physics teacher with 5 years experience (including A Level), available for private tuition in Cardiff. Able to tutor in the student s home or my own. Fees: GCSE: £20 per hour, A Level £25

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      About James:
      I have a degree in Physics and Mathematics from University of Reading. I have a PGCE teaching qualification from UWIC.

      Teaching Experience:
      Five years experience teaching Science (11-16), Physics (AS and A2) and Mathematics (GCSE) at Y Pant Comprehensive School, Llantrisant.

      Tutoring Approach:
      I adjust my tutoring approach to the individual s needs based on their age and ability.
      I use demonstrations and powerpoint to make Physics interesting. My underlying philosophy is to develop understanding, not just recollection of facts.
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      Weekdays and evenings
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