Cardiff Violin/Fiddle Tutor

Violin/Fiddle tutor in Cardiff. The range of musical styles are available: classical music, folk, jazz, rock and popular genre. All grades and age are welcome.

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      Emese Hruska is a professional violinist specialising in Hungarian folk and World music.

      After completing her A Level in Classical Violin Performance, she took private lessons in Hungarian folk music from authentic fiddlers and professional folk musicians for three years in Hungary and Slovakia.

      Active musician since 1990, and she became a violin tutor in 2001. She prefers instructing music, both reading musical notation and listening to the melody which method helps the students feel music the most possible way.

      Lesson fee: £20/hour
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    1. Availability

      10am-7pm, Monday-Saturday...
      but available any time, mostly.
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      Violin or fiddle
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