Cardifff/Glamorgan Physics and/or General Science Tutor

A friendly, confident and intelligent tutor for science specialising in physics. Flexible on working hours and rates of pay.

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      Hello, I am a friendly, energetic, young tutor who is currently studying for my second degree. I have a degree in Astrophysics from Cardiff university and am looking to raise extra money to cover living costs in my second degree.

      I come from a strong teaching background having helped tutoring undergraduate students in areas of physics as well as taking steps towards my PGCE (post graduate certificate in education).

      I have A-levels in physics, maths and chemistry, and am able to tutor general sciences to GCSE standard as well as physics to A-level standard.
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    1. Availability

      Monday - Friday 3pm - late.
      Sunday upon request.
    1. Subjects Taught

      Physics and or or General Science
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