Chafford Hundred and surrounding area Mathematics Tutor

No nonsense, real life maths tuition in a friendly, easy to follow style. GCSE/AS Maths at all levels. Try me for 1 session and and see for your self.

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      Excellent practising maths teacher offering GCSE and AS level tuition. My GCSE pass rate is flawless, and OFSTED graded my lessons as outstanding . I currently teach in a large comprehensive secondary school, where I continue everyday to make maths practical and fun.

      I believe maths should be available to everyone, and that accessing maths is all about the way it is taught. I employ a straight forward, no nonsense approach to understanding how maths works, and applying to life.

      I offer GCSE at foundation and higher level as well as AS maths (core, stats and mech).
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      Evenings after 5pm.
      Saturday and Sunday mornings.
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