Maurice Scholes

Cheshire / Nantwich Chemistry Tutor

An experienced Secondary school subject leader with a vast experience of students and people ; a student-centred and professional approach including on-line tuition.

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      I taught in a total of three, quite different schools over 21 years as a full-time secondary school teacher. For the last 9 years of my career I led Chemistry teaching in an 11-18 school and at GCSE and at A level the results of my students were in line with or better than expectations. I have been successful across the ability range and differentiate my language and approach as necessary in order to maintain the best professional standards of which I am capable. Currently, I have marked A levels for two exam boards and am now also familiar with iGCSE thanks to home tutoring ! Over my career I have taught many pupils. I have formed working relationships with students based on caring, respect and a committment to achievement. I have taught the gifted and the less-able. The motivated and the reluctant. However, that relationship remains central to any student achieving their best. I work hard to get the best out of my students and value contact with Parents in providing a solid foundation from which to proceed. One to one allows for considerable flexibiltiy in approach - one size does not fit all ! I am confident in understanding the needs of my students and in sequencing and breaking down appropriate learning tasks effectively. The student must be part of this and achieve ownership of the long and the short-term tasks - and take an active part in each activity. I have experience of online-software for consolidation and self-assessment and preparation for modular exams at GCSE and A level. I believe an initial consultation between student, parents and myself is essential in order to set the best foundations for a successful intervention. I would wish to assess the current position and a strategy for our work. There is no fee for this. Travelling may be possible by negotiation.
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