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Maths Tutor with over 11 yrs teaching experience and CRB checked. Children and Adults up to GCSE, including exam prep. Relaxed, friendly lessons at your own pace.

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      I have a friendly and relaxed teaching manner and like to inject some humour to break down barriers. I am one of those unusual people who love maths and enjoy the creative challenge of teaching. It gives me great pleasure to help students overcome their fears and achieve what they consider impossible. I have a degree in maths and a PGCE. I have an up-to-date CRB check.

      Here's what one of my current student's has to say about me:

      I have been going to see Dawn on a weekly basis for the past year for support with my GCSE Maths. Since Dawn started helping me my GCSE grades have gone from a D in the first exam to a B in the second, just 4 marks away from an A. Her help speaks for itself.

      My next exam is in June and I feel very well prepared for it. I feel the pressure of needing to pass my Maths GCSE exam has reduced considerably as I am now much more confident. Even my teachers have commented upon the progress I have made recently.

      I would recommend Dawn to anyone who is currently studying and finding maths difficult and who wants to improve, pass their maths GCSE exam and go on to do A levels.
      Thank you Dawn for your ongoing support, challenge and patience.

      Kieran, Chippenham 2012 - 13

      I am a dedicated and patient teacher with over 10 years experience. I have been working as a successful and popular personal tutor for over 4 years (since Jan 2009). I taught in Primary schools for about 6 years and more recently taught adults Adult Numeracy in a college for 4 years.

      I start by checking that the basics are in place and discussing with the student and parent, if applicable, what topics they would like to work on. Then I plan creative, practical and interactive activities tailored to help students learn and develop confidence. I explain and demonstrate principles and techniques clearly and simply, breaking them into small steps enabling students to enjoy success quickly and rapidly. I also help students effectively prepare for exams. I love to see my students achieve their goals and overcome their fears.

      Not only do I teach the knowledge and skills required to master maths topics but I also teach students how to learn as efficiently as possible, how to make notes and plan revision to ensure they consolidate and retain all that they learn. I also share techniques for boosting mental clarity and self-confidence to help students be in the best possible state for their exams and tests.

      Please note that I do not travel and teach in your home, you must be able to come to me.

      If you want to pay weekly then I charge £30 for Secondary and Adult students. However I do have other payment options if you are willing to pay for blocks of lessons in advance which can reduce the cost to £27 for Secondary and Adult students.

      Please contact me to discuss how I can help you or your child. If you leave a message I will get back to you within 24hrs (not Sundays).
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      Week days from 9am to 8pm
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