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English, Maths and Science: Professional, tailored tuition offered for children, 6 to 16 years. For successful, motivated students who are hungry to do better.

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      I am a fully qualified, experienced teacher with over 16 years of teaching success both here in the UK as well as abroad. I specialize in increasing student confidence and therefore increase their SUCCESS!

      Whether it is English, Maths or Science, from ages 6 to 16, please give me a call or email to find out if I can help you or to ask advice. Tutoring is a very personal thing and it sometimes takes a few calls / visits /communications to feel comfortable that you have found the RIGHT tutor for your child.

      You will find me friendly, reliable and always hardworking towards the future success of your children.

      I hope to talk to you soon,

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      I work most days at most times but my busiest times are after school, Monday to Friday.
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