Dundee English Maths Sciences German History Tutor

Outgoing, helpful and knowledgeable tutor for English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, German and History up to Standard Grade level

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      I am a 16 year old school student and have been tutoring voluntarily for two years. I have won either year dux or merit prize at my school for the last 4 years and achieved straight As and 1s in my Standard Grade and Int2 exams. My age means I can relate easily to my tutees and they can relate to me much more easily than to an adult tutor, which in many cases will be highly important. I have also been working with children for 3 years and therefore am willing to tutor primary age children also. I am also an accomplished public speaker and debater and will offer tuition in this if desired.
      The subjects I offer tution for are English, Maths, Chemistry, German, History and Biology up to Standard Grade (or equivalent) level. I intend to tutor from my residence in Dundee. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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      Tuesday-Friday: 4:30pm onwards
      Saturday mornings
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      English maths sciences german history
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