East Kent Maths and Science Tutor

Tutor in KS3, GCSE Maths and Sciences. Also A-level Chemistry, Physics and Maths. Graduate in Chemical Physics with postgraduate qualifications in Vacuum Technology, Computer Science and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

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      I am a Chemical Physics graduate. I am located in Whitstable with my own transport, so I am available from Sundays to Thursdays in Sittingbourne, through Faversham, Whitstable, Herne Bay to Reculver and down to Canterbury.

      Tutored age range: 14 to Adult. If student is a minor, I will provide lessons at client's homes, with at least one other adult present. Lessons: 1 hour min, 2 hours max. For adults, I will provide lessons either at my home or in the client s home. I tend to be guided by both the wishes and needs of the student and informed opinions of the parents and school feedback.
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    1. Availability

      Rates: £25 per hour for KS3 and GCSE and £30 per hour for A-level and IB. My quoted rates are for lessons in the local area (up to 5 miles around Whitstable). I have to charge something for petrol if travelling further than this, particularly to South Canterbury during the rush hour, but may be able to waive this for longer lessons. Contact me to discuss.
      I do not offer free ‘taster’ lessons. Please note, if you are in Essex, that is too far for me to travel.
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