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Knowing how critical good tutoring is to examination success I am a hard but fair taskmaster to get results. And results I have had ! Ample testimonies from grateful parents and tutees prove this.

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      I have been tutoring Highers English in the Edinburgh area for 6 years and my experience has enabled me to help students to achieve their best either in Close Reading or Written Essays. I am a Scottish General Teaching Council member in the Further Education Section with a long experience teaching English in schools. I have many private student testimonials thanking me for my assistance. Under my guidance and with additional homework, I want to give my students a cutting edge confidence in preparing for a very demanding examination.

      I prefer to be a professional tutor and my students in 2011 have gained A s and B s in the Scottish Intermediate II and Highers examination.

      I prefer just a few selected students (not dozens !!) because I think providing quality tutoring more important than commercial expansion.

      Education and Qualifications

      Date 1977 La Trobe University, Australia B. Econ (economics

      Date 1980 Deakin University, Australia Master of Arts (sociology/economics)

      Date 1995 Scot Ed College, Scotland TESOL Certificate

      Date 2001 Caledonian College, Scotland European Computing Certificate
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      Weekends : 10am until 9pm
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