Fabian Barrera, London Psychology Tutor

Private tutor in psychology, statistics, SPSS and research methods in general for degree students.

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      SPSS fun!!
      I am a doctoral student at the Department of Quantitative Social Sciences of the Institute of Education, University of London. I have a Master degree in Education al Psychology and I enjoy helping in all those seemingly tough topics related to psychology, statistics, SPSS and research methods in general.

      I like tо knоw detаils оf the tоpic/prоblem in аdvаnce, sо I cаn prepаre the tutоriаl. I bring my оwn lаptоp with SPSS аnd I wоrk with the tutee tоgether. Eventuаlly, I оffer оne revisiоn оf the wоrk dоne by the tutee (included in the fee). Cоncepts аre explаined in prаcticаl terms hаndling the sоftwаre аnd discussing оutputs.

      Some of the feedbacks from my former tutees:
      "Really good and helpful knew what he was doing would use again"
      "Fabian was very helpful in helping me understand and analyse my SPSS data. He was able to help me write useful paragraphs in order to write the correct word formulas and histograms i needed to include in my dissertation. I am now able to interpret SPSS ! :)"
      "I am a PhD student here in London my research is about the relation of three areas(dentistry,psychology and sociology),i was facing problems regarding methodology ,psychology and sociobiology until i met with Mr(Fabian),he pushed my level advance and helped me a lot in understanding psychology sociology within short time. i really appreciate his effort and cooperative to teach these subject in high quality level(excellent)"

      £55.00 per hour
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      Flexible availability and online sessions
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