Farnborough hampshire French Tutor

French native speaker tutoring for GCSE AS A levels tailored to the students needs. Preparing for exams. 8 years experience in a 6th form college. High success rate for achieving students goals.

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      I am a French Native speaker and have worked for eight years in a 6th form college teaching french conversation and preparing students for their A levels.
      I offer tutoring for all levels including GCSE AS and A levels.
      I tailor the tutoring to the student's need which will be assessed on the first lesson.
      I have a high success rate and believe that with a will and some work everything is possible and achievable.

      I work from home and charge £20 per hour for students and £30 for adults.

      I trained in France and spent a year near Newcastle as an assistant.
      I have been tutoring since 2010.
      I hope to see you soon.

      For further information please contact me.
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      I work all through the year and I am available on different days at different times (ie. mornings, afternoons, evenings). I work from home . I am happy to discuss with you what days suit you best and how often you would like to come..
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