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I am a very patient teacher. I like to find out what the student is interested in and tailor my lessons to suit their needs. I make my lessons interesting and relevant for the student.

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      I have taught English both in classes and in private tuition to many different levels of English. In terms of advanced students I have taught students studying for IELTS, Citizenship, TOEFL and Cambridge Proficiency exams. I also have experience of teaching English online and business English.

      I believe that English is best taught in a real-life environment. I teach English in places such as cafes. This has the effect of improving concentration. It also encourages the student to get involved with the local community and practise their English with others and not just the tutor. Being in a public environment I can also help with projects or things the student wants to do for example shopping, going to restaurants and hobbies.
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      Day time, Evening and Weekend
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      English as a foreign language
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