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Qualified Primary School Teacher/tutoring for KS1 and KS2/£15 per hour /group rate £10 per person/per hour for up to 4 students / teach languages (German/English/Spanish/French) to any age

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      I am a qualified primary school teacher and enjoy supporting children in their learning in all subjects (primary) including modern foreign languages. During the last 6 years I have gained extensive experience in whole-class teaching, group teaching and one-to-one tuition working with children of various ages and backgrounds including children with special educational needs such as autism, dyslexia etc.

      The approach that I favour is to firstly look at what the student can do as opposed to cannot and use this as a base to form understanding for the new. Lots of encouragement and positive reinforcement is used and the child receives training in meta-cognition (understanding how learning works and enabling the student to develop learning strategies that can be applied universally). Activities are carefully planned to address the learner's individual learning styles whether it be visual, auditory or kinaesthetic.

      Where appropriate and feasible, content is presented in the context of educational games in order to engage children deeply into learning. Personal targets are set for each child and regularly reviewed. Parents are kept informed on their child's progress and advice is given on how they can support their child's learning.
      One-to-one tuition is available as well as group tuition with a maximum of four children per group.

      Group tuition offers benefits that cannot be achieved during one-to-one tuition:
      • more opportunities for games-based learning
      • focused development of social skills and team work
      • peer tutoring and peer assessment
      Please note that for group tuition parents need to apply as a group (4 children) to qualify for group rates. Children don't have to necessarily be in the same year group as experience has shown that basic numeracy and literacy skills are in need for extra support across the year groups. However, it is recommended the age gap is not too wide as teaching styles vary for different age groups.

      Language Tuition is available for the following languages: German (native speaker), French, Spanish and English. Languages are taught in the context of fun games. Language Tuition is also open to adults and focuses heavily on learner's individual needs (e.g. business use, leisure, talking, writing etc.)
      I also have experience in providing extra support to children who are being home-schooled by their parents.

      I am mainly available weekdays after 4pm.

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