Leicester English Secondary Teacher

A good tutor is enthusiastic, patient and above all desires to impart their knowledge with others. I'm passionate about learning and love teaching both English Literature and Language.

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      I am a friendly, reliable and patient person who enjoys working with children and encouraging learning. I graduated from the University of Leicester in 2009 having attained a Second Class Honours in BA English. Over the course of my English degree, I developed excellent communication skills both written and verbal. I now work as a Secondary English Teacher at a school in Leicester. I can teach up to GCSE and A-Level and currently work in an outstanding school.

      My qualifications include
      A* Grade English Literature - GCSE
      A Grade English - A-Level
      Second Class Degree in BA English Literature and Language
      PGCE English Secondary English
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    1. Availability

      Weekends (Sundays), Some Weekdays in the evenings.
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