Lisburn Moira Ballinderry Aghalee Music Tutor

Violin and viola tuition Voice coaching Tutoring for GCSE and A level Music - in the Lisburn and South Antrim area

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      Experienced music teacher and performer, 20 years
      - curriculum music KS3 to A level
      - violin and viola
      - voice
      - general musicianship and performance.

      Private tuition:
      *Violin, viola - to grade 8 and diploma
      *Voice (especially rock, pop, jazz)

      Academic tutoring:
      *GCSE Music
      *AS level Music
      *A2 level Music
      *Composition techniques

      Based in Ballinderry - accessible to Lisburn-Moira-Maghaberry-Aghalee
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    1. Availability

      From July 2012:
      Available Monday to Friday, afternoon and early evening
      Available Saturday morning and afternoon
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