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Providing examples of how to use the site and get the most from Local Tutor

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      Example Profile

      This profile is an example, showing you how to stylise your profile with the updated editor

      Adding media, images, file attachments and laying out your profile is now a very simple process.

      To start modifying your profile
      • Log in to the site (if you have forgotten your password, use this form: lost-password )
      • Go to your Personal Details (found here)
      • Select the link to your profile page
      • On the right hand side, under your "Tutor Profile Tools" select "Modify Profile Description"
      The "Profile Description" area is the main chunk of your Tutors Profile, and as such, it's the area where you can add media, attach files, and really make your profile stand out!

      Your profile is a content rich area, add lots of information about yourself, sell yourself explaining your tutoring skill, your experience, your approach to tutoring and any relevant certificates / educational background. But don't forget to layout your profile, giving each section plenty of space (there is no shortage of room ;) )

      How to add image thumbnails (if you click the thumbnail, you can view the full scale image)=> School-books-apple-008.jpg

      Adding Media To Your Profile

      See this link for instruction on how to add media to your profile
      This is an example page, showing you how to use this site to get the most out of your profile

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      Adding Bullet Points
      • Providing examples of how to use the site and how to style your profile
      • Step by step instructions
      • Stylise your profile
      Adding attachments to your profile

      For instruction of how to add attachments to your profile, visit this link
      Attachments will appear at the bottom of your profile, as show below:

      Attached Files:

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