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Physics, Maths and Spanish up to A-Level. Undergraduate Physics student. £15/hr.

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      I am a physics student at the University of Manchester about to go into my fourth year. I have just spent a year in Madrid, Spain as part of the ERASMUS programme so am now fluent in Spanish. I can give extra tutoring in Physics, Maths or Spanish up to A-Level standard. I worked for 3 weeks in Hyde Technology School in Manchester as part of the Student Associates Scheme for university students in the summer of 2009 assisting in the science department. £15/hr. peter.ludlow *at*

      Completed education:
      A-Levels (AAA) Physics, Maths, French
      AS-Level (A) German
      GCSE (8A*, 3A) Including English, Maths and serate sciences.
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      Available evenings, all day weekends and all day some Tuesdays and Tursdays.
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      Physics maths spanish
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