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Marie Redmond Tuition® Buckinghamshire - The 11 Plus Experts

With a proven track record in preparing pupils for the 11 Plus, Marie Redmond MEd and her team of first-class, fully qualified local teachers provide specialist 11 Plus tuition.

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      Marie Redmond Tuition® - The 11 Plus Experts

      With a proven track record in preparing pupils for the 11 Plus in Slough and Buckinghamshire, Marie Redmond MEd and her team of first-class, fully qualified teachers provide specialist tuition focused on your child’s individual learning needs.

      The unique 11 Plus Courses in Amersham, Beaconsfield, Chesham, Gerrards Cross and Stoke Poges are structured to give children the confidence they need to sit and pass exams, in a friendly, stress-free environment. Courses focus on three essential areas – verbal, non-verbal and numerical reasoning.

      All classes are limited to eight children (half the size of most independent school classes), which means they’ll have valuable one-to-one attention with the teacher.

      Before your child enrols with us, we will:
      - Ask them to complete a no obligation assessment to assess their current level of ability.
      - Recommend key areas for improvements based on the assessment results.
      - Provide you with a personalised Tuition Plan – detailing your child’s specific targets.

      Here are a few of comments by parents of our pupils:

      "Naveen really enjoyed her first lesson last week with Anne. Naveen was a little apprehensive going into class to begin with and did actually take me in with her! However, once I left and came to collect her she said she really enjoyed her session and liked Anne. I would also like to mention that Naveen came out of her first class beaming and once home said she loved having a tutor like Anne. And then decided she was very lucky to have a tutor. So a really big thank you from me."

      - Year 4 parent, Farnham Common (2016)

      "Harvey enjoyed the first lesson – very impressed and looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson."
      - Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2016)

      "His maths has improved immensely since he has joined Sarah’s class. He still finds some aspects difficult but he is improving all the time and has moved up 2 tables in his class. It is obviously working for him which is great for his confidence. So many thanks all round."

      - Year 5 parent, Gerrards Cross (2016)

      "He has become more confident since starting the extra practice sessions with Anne and has moved up a few levels in maths at school. That has boosted his confidence."

      - Year 5 parent, Chesham (2015)

      "I’m delighted to say that Connie passed her 11+ with a score of 167. Thank you very much for your contribution to that. We opted for your week long holiday course to kick start the ‘back to work’ moment. The structure and games that made up the classes plus completing the week with a mock were a great start to that process, just the right tone and content. In addition she chose to come to your one off Saturday class just before the exam on the Thursday and this too helped her with techniques for managing exam stress. Many thanks again and all the best for 2016."

      - Year 5 parent, Beaconsfield (2015)

      "Emma is a keen student and has really enjoyed the fun and focused classes with Marie Redmond. It has given her the opportunity to question and contribute in small classes and increase her confidence in her own learning, and we are very proud of what she has achieved. Thank you! Mrs P."

      - Year 5 parent, Chalfont St Peter (2015)

      "DJ did very well in the 11+ surprising us all with the score he got (175). He enjoyed his week with you and got on well with everyone there. There were some good exam techniques that he took from it which I am sure helped in the 11+."

      - Year 5 parent, Aylesbury (2015)

      "I just wanted to let you know her 11+ results. She scored 189 in the Bucks test and 130 in the Slough test. We are absolutely delighted with her results. The structure your course provided really helped to keep her focused throughout the year. Many thanks to you and your team for all your guidance and support. "

      - Year 5 parent, Stoke Poges (2015)

      "At long last the 11+ is over!! I just wanted to say that whatever happens with the actual results, the work you have done with Ben has been fantastic. His results at school have transformed this year and he is now performing a year above where he should be across the board. For me, whether he passes/fails the exam – this is actually more important and I wanted to thank you."

      - Year 5 parent, Amersham (2015)

      "I just wanted to let you know how happy Oliver is attending his Saturday lessons and his confidence has already improved greatly. His teachers at parents evening even commented on how much he has improved in the last few weeks, so looks like it is working really well!"

      - Year 4 parent, Gerrards Cross (2015)

      "Marie Redmond Tuition was the best choice I made for my son after testing out several other tuition centres. Marie and Anne at the centre in Stoke Poges encouraged my son in many ways to do well in all areas for the tests. Their patience and method of teaching the children was outstanding. He thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and could not get enough of them. He achieved well above the pass mark for Bucks and Slough consortium and we are ecstatic."

      - Year 5 parent, Uxbridge (2014)

      "Dear Marie, just a quick note to let you know that Maddie has passed. Thank you so so much for all your help with her preparation, I truly believe that coming along to your tutoring course made the difference for Maddie. Looking forward to being in touch again in around 12 months when we are starting to prepare our younger child. Thank you once again for all your help."

      - Year 5 parent, Windsor (2014)

      "We (the queue of waiting parents on the stairs at 2pm) were all worried that our kids would hate us for making them work on a Saturday, but as far as Harry was concerned, he, and I quote, “loved it, it was great fun” .. he was bouncing around in the car on the way home. So smiles all round, thank you."

      - Year 4 parent, Ivinghoe (2014)

      "I believe that we have found the right place. Nathan cannot wait until Saturday morning, he absolutely loved your session and he didn’t even realise that he was there for two hours (that is so important to us)."

      - Year 4 parent, Gerrards Cross (2014)
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