Kiana Chouhan

Middlesex Spanish Tutor

Hey! An exhilarating student wanting to share a passion for the Spanish language! Fluent in both English and Spanish, I'm a fun, flexible individual, ready to tailor classes to your needs!

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      Hello there! I'm an exhilarating student currently studying Computer Science at Aston University. Having lived abroad in the Canaries for 11 years and attended a bilingual school I am fluent in both English and Spanish! I was able to take my GCSE and A-level exams a year early and have experience in being a Spanish teaching assistant. I have mastered the art of chatting through work experience and was also voted funniest female at the sixth form I attended, what better way to conquer a language than by engaging in conversation? I believe in going the extra mile for each individual as not everyone grasps things in the same way. I like to tailor my classes independently based on how they learn best and build rapports with them so they look forward to their tutoring sessions! Students are far more likely to take in what they learn when it's fun!
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