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Experienced Tutor with a Masters Degree in Chemistry offers private tuition for A-level-, University- and GAMSAT-Chemistry online or at your home.

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      As a forty-eight year old German citizen, I have lived in England for eleven years. I began tutoring during my chemistry study, which I finished with a Masters of Science in Chemistry (first class degree) and a PhD in Biochemistry (first class degree). One of my pupils was a medicine student, who did not like chemistry and tried to memorise all chemical formulas for his exam. After getting explained the basic rules he was able to derive the equations for himself without much effort. „I did not know chemistry is so easy“ he said after one of the lessons.

      Whenever I get a new client I begin with a thorough assessment: What kind of person is he or she, what basic knowledge is present and what are the main problem areas? Where do these problems come from and what are the best actions to solve them? Then a tutoring plan is suggested to reach the goal in a reasonable time frame.

      My tutoring lessons are designed to provide as much fun as possible. I incorporate examples of daily life and draw comparisons with situations from sports and hobbies. In my last assignment, we even did some small chemistry experiments (no worries parents - only harmless ones - the kitchen did not blow up!).

      Besides improving their learning strategies, I ensure my students are well prepared for exams by practicing past papers. However my emphasis lies on building up a solid foundation of knowledge and the skills of applying it.

      I give my best to make the teaching interesting and enjoyable, which motivates him or her to learn. I understand that at the beginning there might be resentment towards the subject. However there has to be a basic willingness to learn. If I do not feel the openness at least to try, I reserve myself the right to decline the assignment.

      Nevertheless I have a lot of patience and enthusiasm, which let me usually get along very well with my students. I hope at the end of my tutoring I can quote you saying "I did not know chemistry is so easy“.
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