Norwich Self-defence Tutor

Expert martial artist with over 30 years experience is available for personal tuition or group bookings in Norwich. Specialty: realistic self-defence.

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      Talib Fehlhaber

      Born in Germany in 1965, Talib started Judo when he was only 6 yrs old. Over the years Talib has managed to accumulate a great wealth of experience and belts in a variety of martial arts styles, such as Judo, Karate, (Brazilian) Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Boxing, Escrima, Tai Chi/Chi Gung and Wing Chun Kung Fu.
      He currently holds (among others) a 3rd degree master level in advanced Wing Chun Kung Fu and has been teaching self defence skills since 1993. Talib is the founder and the Chief Instructor of the Rapid Defence Martial Arts Academy in Norwich.
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      Bookings can be made usually during the day and weekends. Evenings can be made available in some cases.
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