Norwich Yr 7 to Yr 11 Science Tutor

Structured Science Tuition for pupils of all abilities up to GCSE level.

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      I am a UCL Speech Sciences graduate, with A Levels in Biology and Chemistry.

      I am currently offering Science Tuition for children aged 11-16, offering the first lesson FREE OF CHARGE. For each subsequent lesson, I will charge the rate of £10 an hour.

      I am able to tutor for any syllabus, for single, double or triple award Sciences at GCSE Level.

      I ve had recent TEFL teaching experience, a training focused degree, examination marking experience and I have a recent CRB check.

      If interested please email or contact 01508471139.
      Sarada, Last Modified: May 3, 2013 Last Seen: Apr 5, 2008,
    1. Availability

      I have been and am happy to teach in my home in Tasburgh.

      I am available weekday evenings and weekends by request.
    1. Subjects Taught

      Yr 7 to Yr 11 Science
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