Terry Dunn

Stevenage Maths Tutor

I can help all students with intensive one-to-one maths tuition and exam technique, key stage 3 and 4, ages 11 to 16, covering secondary and GCSE.

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      My name is Terry and I am a full-time maths tutor. If your son or daughter is struggling or falling behind in class, I can help. My focus is intensive one-to-one tuition and exam technique, key stage 3 & 4, ages 11 to 16, covering secondary and GCSE. Tutor with me and I guarantee improvement.

      I am friendly, patient and organised. I adapt my tuition to the student’s needs by working at their speed and finding out where they are struggling. I follow the National Curriculum as closely as possible, ensuring the student understands each topic and can answer every kind of exam question.

      If the student comes to me early enough in the academic year, I like to cover the entire curriculum. It’s surprising how much content students miss in school. Together we work through every method using lots of worked examples. I make sure the student is fully engaged the whole time with questions and problems to solve. I set homework and mark it during the next lesson. Closer to exams I set past papers for homework and we work through exam-style questions in the lesson. I focus on preparing the student for the exam until they know the material and are confident of getting good grades.

      To make studying enjoyable, a tutor needs a passion for learning. I love learning and have always enjoyed mastering new skills. When the tutor enjoys teaching, the student enjoys learning. I am methodical, professional and apply a variety of teaching approaches to help students master maths.

      An effective tutor needs good communications skills.I have the ability to explain complex or difficult topics in a clear and easy to understand way. I am a good listener, which is an important skill when teaching one-to-one.

      Why would you want to work with me?
      · I care about my students and want them to succeed
      · I follow the curriculum and topics that need attention
      · Together we answer questions and solve problems
      · I ensure the student learns the fundamentals of maths
      · I set homework and mark it with the student present
      · The student’s needs and parents goals guide the lessons
      · I coach the student to enjoy maths and they often look forward to their lessons with me

      Experience: I’ve studied maths to degree-level. I have an honours degree in engineering from Brunel University, where I studied maths into my final year.

      In Industry, I gained experience of one-to-one and group tuition. As a software tutor, I ran one-to-one training sessions on PC software for clients. As a training instructor I designed and ran 5-day technology training courses for small groups for more than 5 years while working at Cable & Wireless.

      I joined my wife’s tutoring business in 2015. Since then I have taught maths to girls and boys at KS3 and GCSE, both foundation and higher levels. For my GCSE students I focus on preparing them for the exams in May and June.

      DBI: I am security cleared, which includes a criminal records check.

      When I come to you I charge an extra £5 and will travel up to 5 miles.
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