Tayside Standard Grade and Higher Tutor

Available to tutor chemistry, biology and geography at all levels as well as english up to higher level, and mathematics and physics up to standard grade level. Will also teach debating.

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      I am an upper-sixth student at the High School of Dundee taking a gap year before reading medicine.
      Sitting Advanced Highers in Geography, Chemistry and Biology plus Environmental Science module at Dundee University.
      Exam results:
      Standard Grade/Int.2-1,1,1,1,1,A,1,1 in Geography,French,History, Chemistry,Biology,English,Physics,Mathematics respectively.
      Higher- A1,A1,A1,A1,B1 in Geography,Chemistry,Biology,English and Mathematics respectively.
      Also competent debater- Winner of 2008 St. Andrews competition, 2009 Oxford University finalist, 2008 Cambridge University regional finalist
      Jameswood, Last Modified: May 3, 2013 Last Seen: Sep 9, 2010,
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      Most evenings and weekends.
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