Wembley and near areas:Biochemistry Degree and Science tutor

Female tutor available for Science tuition and assisting adult learners

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    1. Sarah Rr
      Hi basically im a biomedical student 3rd year and I need a tutor to help me with my course works and mark it for me aswell in order for me to gain good results.
    2. Salena
      Would you have time to go over my dissertation this weekend.
      Thank you,
    3. Nita
      Hi I'm looking for a tutor for my daughter
    4. emm
      Hi, I am a second year biomedical science student and I need help writing a report. Are you available to help please?
    5. MsAShah
      Tutor specialising in life science degrees
    6. anonymous
      Ms A Shah:
      how does your travel fees work? Also, say a person lived in Greenford or Hanwell what would your travel costs be on top of the £25 per hour for tutoring biomedical sciences to an undergrad who plans to try and get into medicine ?
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