Jack Walker

West Midlands Drum Kit Tutor

Registered Drumsense Drum Kit Tutor Graduate of Birmingham Conservatoire - Jazz performance degree. Actively gigging in the UK. Equipped with all the tools to shape the pathway for aspiring drummers.

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      Registered Drumsense Drum Kit Tutor - check the Drumsense website for more info

      My name is Jack and I am a drummer/songwriter/producer. I currently gig with a number of bands playing various styles ranging from jazz to pop and hip hop. Some of my work can be heard on soundcloud

      search for - antelope-music-uk or high-eye-q

      I studied music at the Brit School in Croydon and had a band for three years with Katy B. I also played with Jessie J during my time there.

      I recently graduated from a four-year Jazz Performance course at Birmingham Conservatoire where I had lessons from Tony Levin, Clark Tracey, Andy Bain, Jeff Williams, and masterclasses from the likes of Dave Holland, Joe Lovano, Lee Konitz, Jeff Ballard, Mulgrew Miller, and many more.

      My career to date has given me the opportunity to play alongside artists such as De La Soul, Bonobo, Omar, Sowetto Kinch and more.

      As an active member of the musician and gigging network I am well equipped to prepare a student for the rigours of playing with other people i.e continual listening and adapting to the musicians around you, musicality and improvisation, temperament and focus. And with my sympathetic and nurturing approach to teaching, students are ensured a productive and enjoyable lesson.

      My lessons comprise a mixture of theory, technique and application, and cover the essential skills to play all types of music.
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