Woodbridge and Ipswich Maths Physics Tutor

Former teacher, and BT manager. Can offer Maths and Physics from Yr.7 to A-level, and Science to GCSE. I am experienced in personal tuition, and focus on the practical and common sense approaches.

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      My career started as a Physics teacher and I have 8 years full time teaching experience, in three different schools. One of these was abroad. After completing a higher degree in Physics, I switched to teaching Maths, and then subsequently moved into a scientific career, joining BT at their Research Centre at Martlesham, where I was an engineering manager for 27 years before taking early retirement.

      But I always retained an interest in, and liking for, teaching and have since then I have done a good deal of part-time teaching and private tuition

      I can offer Maths and Physics at all levels up to A-level, and Chemistry and Science to GCSE.

      I have 4 children myself, so am well used to the individual learning situation! And I think I have an appreciation of the things that youngsters find difficult.

      Although I am familiar with current syllabuses and exam coaching, I like to emphasise the real-world practical relevance of topics, and common-sense ways at looking at questions students have difficulties with.

      Over the 2016-2017 academic year I have been teaching A-level Maths, A-level Physics and GCSE Maths and Physics.
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      Most times in the day, or evenings, are possible, within reason.
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