Worcester English Tutor

Private English tutor for students who struggle to excel in English or lack confidence to transfer skills to an examination setting.

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      • Achieved GCSE, grade A qualifications in English Literature and English Language.
      • Achieved one of the highest results in the English Entrance Assessment for St.Mary's Worcester (private girls school)
      • Achieved an A* in English Literature at A-Level
      • Studying LLB (Hons) undergraduate degree.
      I am patient, organised and have experience working with children. My aim is to help children fulfil their potential and give them the confidence to approach English examinations with the skills to succeed.

      Please feel free to inbox me with any questions or requests.
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    1. Availability

      Monday 5-9pm
      Tuesdays - N/A
      Wednesday - 4-9pm
      Thursday - 4-9pm
      Friday- 11-1pm & 4-9pm
      Saturday - N/A
      Sunday - 11-1pm & 4-9pm
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