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  1. Kip McGrath Erith
    English, maths, science and 11+ practice tutoring with fully qualified teachers. 80 minute sessions broken into short computer and written tasks planned specifically for your child's needs.
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  2. Lynn Sweeney
    Fully Qualified Teacher with 3 years+ class room experience - Available in Bristol area :)
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  3. Jennifer Rush
    buyonlineclass is dedicated to help students with online class help.
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  4. Harry Singh
    Online Tutor and Assignment Helper for Computer Science
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  5. Lavinia Henday
    Hi everyone! I'm a native italian translation student based in Essex. I've been studying spanish for around 6 years and have lots of teaching experience.
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  6. Bethan Ballard
    KS3 and GCSE experienced Maths Teacher/Tutor. Able to teach foundation and higher GCSE Able to teach special needs..
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  7. Daniel Kearney
    I am working on a degree in spanish and International relationa and I have tutored all ages with my warm and enthusiastic approach.
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  8. Manuela Evans
    The classes are tailored for the needs of each specific learner. They cover writing, speaking, listening and reading. All the material needed is provided
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  9. Koffi Kponouglo
    Let's work together to help you achieve your aims and objectives. Get in touch!!
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  10. Crew Buchanan
    BSc Mathematics (University of Manchester) CELTA (University of Cambridge) 3 years experience tutoring
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