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  1. Britta Riby-Smith
    I am a native German speaker and have several years of German tutoring experience. In addition, I hold a BSc Honours degree in Biotechnology and am a UK qualified secondary Science teacher.
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  2. Aarti
    I have a Masters in Physics from University College London and have been tutoring primary, GCSE and A-Level maths both privately and at schools for the past 2 years with very successful results.
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  3. Jayme Miller
    Primary school TA with experience working with children with ASD. I have a passion for teaching children and I am very enthusiastic.
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  4. cynthiamyra
    For more than 30 years, Mrs. Abramyan has shared her love of music with students in Russia, Georgia and the United States.
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  5. DCT
    I have an Elocution teaching qualification AVCM (TD) and am now studying for my LVCM (TD) qualification. I have a degree in English and have studied elocution for over twenty years.
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  6. James Warren
    Degree in Computer Science - Wide range of I.C.T/computer tutoring available. Have passed an enhanced DBS check, can travel and very flexible on hours of visits. All ages and abilities welcome.
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  7. Rich Damerell
    Qualified to teach Russian up to A-Level and French up to GCSE. Also CELTA qualified to teach English.
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  8. Alicia McKilligan
    Highly qualified, experienced and empathetic teacher of English.
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  9. Tanya Bastian
    - Specialised mathematics teacher - Year 6 teacher - Tutor for mathematics, english and 11+
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  10. TutorrVersal
    Writing Dissertation and Thesis Consulting services
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