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  1. Katrina Kilkenny
    Experienced English tutor with first class degrees in English & Philosophy, and International Peace.
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  2. Veena Sunderaju
    I have Good Communication Skills. I'm a Motivator as well as counselor for children, motivate them and always help them to resolve their queries. I have Exp. of 6+ years.
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  3. Roanna Lewis
    Roanna graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in 2014, giving her a fresh perspective on the industry and audition process. She has recently taught at Kingdom School of Arts.
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  4. Jamie Amos
    Experienced young tutor offers bass guitar tutor for competitive prices in North London area.
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  5. Esme Murphy
    Fully qualifed secondary school teacher of English and Drama (PGCE/QTS) with over 5 years experience.
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  6. Alexandra Patience
    I am looking at tutoring because I want to help people progress with their English ability and develop a love for the English language.
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  7. Shannon Kelly
    I am a recent university graduate, with experience in tutoring and mentoring from a primary to university level. I am able to teach both English Literature and Language in the London area.
    Content by: Shannon Kelly, 1 reviews, Last Updated: Jun 1, 2016, Last Seen: Jun 4, 2016,
  8. LanaM
    Tutoring statistics, epidemiology, psychology, biology and health sciences. Essay and assignment proofreading, dissertation help, data analysis for research proiects, help with research publications.
    Content by: LanaM, 0 reviews, Last Updated: May 30, 2016, Last Seen: May 30, 2016,
  9. Alex Daniels
    I am a postgraduate student at the University of Bath studying for a PhD in Physics. I have several years of tutoring experience as well as having taught several modules at the university.
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  10. Sal Alavidze-Brekashvili
    Hi I am studying AAT at RACC and I am working as finance assistant apprentice at RACC.
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