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  1. Lavinia Henday
    Hi everyone! I'm a native italian translation student based in Essex. I've been studying spanish for around 6 years and have lots of teaching experience.
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  2. Bethan Ballard
    KS3 and GCSE experienced Maths Teacher/Tutor. Able to teach foundation and higher GCSE Able to teach special needs..
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  3. Daniel Kearney
    I am working on a degree in spanish and International relationa and I have tutored all ages with my warm and enthusiastic approach.
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  4. Rafiul Ansari
    Sessions will be prepared before they take place with the student always leaving with feedback and something to do.
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  5. Yoni Gatoff BEng PGCE
    I am an experienced teacher of mathematics working in a well established independent School in London. I have a lot of experience teaching key stage 3, GCSE (including IGCSE) and A-Level.
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  6. Sophie Watson
    Eighteen year old, bilingual A Level student, who after five years living in France has attained fluency. Head start on GCSE or some help in exam season.
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  7. Emily Jolliffe
    LEARN WITH ME: I make languages fun and possible for everyone through creative and confidence inspiring learning.
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    DEDICATED Maths teacher. 17 years EXPERIENCE teaching at GCSE level. EXCELLENT results attained
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  9. Matthew Campbell
    I'm a full time primary teacher with 5 years of classroom experience and a fresh approach to ensure every child's potential is fully unlocked.
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  10. Dr JMD
    Effective preparation for Core and Further Maths exams by highly competent and experienced teacher
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