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  1. Kevin Cousineau
    Highly experience teacher available for online or home tuition. Degree and post graduate teaching degree and Bristol and Cambridge Universities.
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  2. Aiysha
    Private English tutor for students who struggle to excel in English or lack confidence to transfer skills to an examination setting.
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  3. Dr Yasmin Vawda
    I can help you plug all those knowledge gaps, boost your confidence and help you achieve far better grades than those predicted by your overworked teachers.
    Content by: Dr Yasmin Vawda, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Feb 9, 2017, Last Seen: Feb 9, 2017,
  4. Dr Mohammed P. Aslam
    I am able to offer tuition support in the area of business and strategic Human Resource Management
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  5. Sarah Thomas
    If you are a language teacher with command over your language.
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  6. astartutorali
    DBS CHECKED! My name is Josh, I am studying for my BSc Degree in Reading, working towards a 1st class honours. I achieved 10 A*-A’s at GCSE. Pricing varies from £10 - 45.
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  7. Elizabeth
    French Native Qualified Teacher can help you with the following: French made easy Building confidence Conversation Grammar.
    Content by: Elizabeth, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jan 17, 2017, Last Seen: Feb 15, 2017,
  8. Katy Madgwick
    I am passionate about English and ready to help you achieve your goals. I can offer tuition at any level in English Language, Literature or ESL. BA (Hons), MA and TEFL qualified.
    Content by: Katy Madgwick, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Feb 8, 2017, Last Seen: Feb 26, 2017,
  9. Maria Saflagioura
    Passionate with French language,eager to transmit my own knowledge by applying the appropriate methods in order to reach their potential and make learning an entertaining process . Let's try!Essayons!
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  10. Daniel Almeida
    Experience with governments and University qualified.
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