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  1. hannah1988
    I am offering booster lessons over the summer holiday for primary school age children in reading, writing and mathematics. My current rate is £20 per hour or 5 lessons for £90.
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  2. George Edwards
    Young, energetic tutor who mainly skilled in teaching Mathematics, with also very keen interests in Geography and Chemistry. Who is more than happy to teach at GCSE and A-Level.
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  3. la academia
    Español to suit your needs wherever, whenever. We adapt Language Lessons to optimize your learning experience
    Content by: la academia, 0 reviews, Last Updated: May 5, 2017, Last Seen: May 5, 2017,
  4. Connor White
    Law Tutor with academic and practical knowledge, providing discussion based learning to generate understanding and to provide higher education guidance and career knowledge. (Online Tuition Available)
    Content by: Connor White, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Mar 24, 2017, Last Seen: Mar 24, 2017,
  5. Kevin Cousineau
    Highly experience teacher available for online or home tuition. Degree and post graduate teaching degree and Bristol and Cambridge Universities.
    Content by: Kevin Cousineau, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Dec 7, 2016, Last Seen: Jun 22, 2017 at 10:59 AM,
  6. Lee Tanser
    Tutor in biology and biomedical sciences. I am able to travel or provide home tuition.
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  7. Jude Ashworth
    Young enthusiastic recent graduate with a masters degree in mathematics and full enhanced DBS
    Content by: Jude Ashworth, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Sep 15, 2016, Last Seen: Feb 26, 2017,
  8. Shannen
    Biomedical materials degree, specialising in biology, anatomy, as well as engineering materials and chemical compositions and reactions.
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  9. Daniel Almeida
    Experience with governments and University qualified.
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  10. vladakan
    I am looking for serious students.If you are willing to put in the necessary hours to improve, I will give you my full attention as a coach and mentor.
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