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  1. Zhané
    Tutor english arts and crafts interesting lessons personal statement Memory techniques exam studying
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  2. Orooj rahber
    A doctor with sound knowledge of scientific subjects,,extremely passionate about teaching and enjoy it throughly.I am very flexible with hours and will give it my everything and more
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  3. Emily Shead
    My name is Emily and I can tutor English, Classics, RS and for the 11+ and entrance exams.
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  4. Kip McGrath Hull West
    I am C-J Lingard, Center Director at Kip McGrath Hull West. I am a fully qualified teacher with nearly 20 years experience of teaching.
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  5. Darrol Colgur
    Experienced Chemistry Teacher and Tutor. Person-to-person in the Okanagan in BC and online anywhere!
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  6. James Green
    I am a second year student at the University of Portsmouth. I am experienced in tutoring and have a passion for mathematics which I want to share with those willing
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  7. AndiStephens
    Experienced in one to one tutoring, I work collaboratively with students to improve their grades, build confidence and develop skills. I take a holistic approach.
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  8. Ceyda Ceylan
    I am a university student based in Cambridge. I can give French and Maths lessons.
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  9. wordisbond007
    Tuition for drama school auditions by professional actor. Contact me with your requirements.
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  10. Lina
    Teach: Science KS3, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at GCSE, Biology - AS/A2.
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