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  1. Chris Courtnage
    ***Now taking on new students for Head Start to GCSE Science and A Level Physics over the summer break***
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  2. cem ertam
    Mathematics, science, Turkish. (Primary, KS3, IB, GCSE), science (Primary, KS3, GCSE) and Turkish.
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  3. Connor White
    Law Tutor with academic and practical knowledge, providing discussion based learning to generate understanding and to provide higher education guidance and career knowledge. (Online Tuition Available)
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  4. Allison
    I’m a highly qualified English teacher-over 17 years of classroom teaching. Offering: English Home schooling & after school sessions: KS1-KS2, KS3-KS4 GCSE Lang/Lit, SEN Mild to Moderate ability
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  5. EngineerTom
    I'm a friendly mathematics tutor covering up to A level maths in the Loughborough and surrounding area.
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  6. Cadenza Music Tuition
    Classical and Jazz Piano Lessons and music theory tuition from experienced and fully qualified piano teachers. All ages, abilities and styles. Free trial lesson.
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  7. hannah1988
    I am offering booster lessons over the summer holiday for primary school age children in reading, writing and mathematics. My current rate is £20 per hour or 5 lessons for £90.
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    One-to-one lessons and Small groups (2-4 students). All levels. Conversation. Exam Preparation.
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  9. Lauren Moore
    Degree educated in French, Spanish and Translation. Have experience of teaching primary school level, GCSE tutoring and one to one adult tutoring.
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  10. waqar mansoor
    I am enthusiastic and qualified teacher with good sense of humor to make studies fun for student.
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