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  1. Dr Banshidhar sahu
    ulogical robort surgery, Emerging ImmunotherapeuticAgents For The Treatment of Bladder Cancer Educational Series.....Complex PatientCases Patient cases in Bladder cancer
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  2. Tru Academy
    We provide built-in ecommerce, intuitive landing page editor, comprehensive management tools, feature rich course builder and more.
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  3. Jolanta
    MA,BA,QTS Polish teacher (online & face2face) with 10 years experience
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  4. Emma Derham
    A passionate and enthusiastic tutor in English language, English literature and Art History. Based in Honor Oak Park (SE London) but willing to travel!
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  5. Aarti
    I have a Masters in Physics from University College London and have been tutoring primary, GCSE and A-Level maths both privately and at schools for the past 2 years with very successful results.
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  6. Min Kyu Park
    Maths, Biology and Chemistry tutor. I am a student studying these subjects for A level so....receive less tuiton fees and bond better with students.
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  7. Ilariahorne
    I have experience with tutoring maths and put a lot of effort into designing lessons to suit the student and make it easier for them to learn.
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  8. Laura Tomlinson
    I have experience of working with children from a variety of backgrounds, as well as experience working with children with special educational needs.
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  9. Queen Socrates
    Interesting and enjoyable Latin and Greek lessons with excellent results
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  10. Amy Boyle
    I'm a 16 year old student who is willing to tutor 10-14 year olds in order to improve their reading and writing skills.
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