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  1. Ingrid Busby
    I always discuss the needs of my new pupils very carefully and aim to build their confidence in the subject. I find that practice in exam techniques invariably helps to rapidly improve grades.
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  2. Chris Daniels
    Personalised Lessons for Individuals and Small Groups.
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  3. Magdalena Joanna Wittchen
    Art is about a synthetic look, not a simple reproduction of the subject but a thorough observation of the world.
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  4. Dhruv Soni
    5A*'s, 7A's at GCSE, Medical School Applicant - Get your child a Level 9/Grade A* in GCSE Maths
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  5. symeonchrys
    Greek tutor in Welshpool and surrounding areas
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  6. Sami Shori
    Maths A-Level student studying at Tiffin Boys School Sixth Form.
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  7. Ellie S
    A qualified teacher with 8 years experience in private tuition
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  8. Darrol Colgur
    Experienced Chemistry Teacher and Tutor. Person-to-person in the Okanagan in BC and online anywhere!
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  9. Karly Withers
    I am a forensic toxicologist who currently teaches at a college. I teach GCSE to A level Chemistry. Also have Piano Grade 8 ABRSM Classical ,Grade 5 Jazz and 20 years piano experience
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  10. giasutienphong
    Trung tâm gia sư Tiên Phong với dịch vụ gia sư dạy kèm uy tín tại khu vực TPHCM
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